Cover story of the Daily Bruin article October 30, 2007

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The Perfect Compliment

For three days in May 2008 I wore one of three primary colors to three different parts of Los Angeles in search of complimentary individuals. In accordance with color theory, the more perfect compliments should boggle your eyes a little.

Bioelectrically Yours

Galvanic skin response sensors measure levels of emotional arousal through changes in skin conductivity. Whether used in lie-detector tests, as the basis for scientology, or the plot thickener in game shows like Meet the Parents, GSR has a (pseudo-scientific) reputation as a truth telling technology. I decided to use the data as sub-plot for a publicly performed blind date. Special thanks to Ray Bergstrom for accepting the challenge and Sonia Romero for being the middle woman.

Psychic Portraits

painting left by Celia Phillips; painting right by Stephany Howard

An ongoing experiment in mental image modeling. If you know any painter's, sketch artists, charcoal aficionados, et cetera who might be interested send them my way - willyoupaintmyportrait@gmail.com.

Lap(top) Dance

Inspired by, ZOLTAN, among other things.

Full text:

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A Relatively Accurate Clock

"You are business woman" - Maywa Denki.

Tribute to Karl Sims

Behold Karl Sims' original video. If you want to collaborate on a performance of the second half, let me know.

** Bonus rehersal video can be found here.**

The Mirrorbox

Biomass render by Fauna Force

Eureka and the Biomass is a Beauty and the Beast for the 22nd century. This one act sci-fi play tells the story of an unlikely ecological romance through puppeteering, original music, and onstage special effects. At it's core the performance is a search for identity in an era of biotechnology and environmental change.

PREMIERING October 2014 at Emma Gray's 5 Car Garage

Painting the Town

Painting the Town documents a spontaneous chroma-key intervention on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. The result is both document of a guerilla performance and experimental video.